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Balls to learning how to animate, let's film some parkour!

Sat 27 August 2016

Overlay of live footage with rotoscoping

Hallå! Welcome to my first game devlog.

I figured I'd start out talking about graphics, as they are a large source of anxiety for first-time developers. And not without reason! Everyone is a judgy bastard when it comes to how your low-budget game is presented. Oh sure, it's become easier for a solo developer to mask the familiar, rancid stench of programmer art with the equivalent of some pine-scented air freshener, but in practice this is a huge creative tradeoff. It really pays off to have a unique and consistent visual style in your work, even if you're not a proper artist.

Which I'm not. Lord no. What little visual talent I have is spread thinly between drafting/technical drawing (a survival skill picked up working as an engineer) and sandwich-grade graphic design. Oh and I can maybe do a scratchy pencil test of a background at 1/8th the speed of a regular artist. Drawing actual characters and animating them? That's just not going to happen.

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