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Intro to ROM Hacking: Ghost House

Tue 09 June 2020

A long time between updates! I've been distracted by working on ScummVM's Macromedia Director engine, but it's mostly bugfixing and I couldn't find a good focal point. So on a whim I made this! The previous video took maybe a week, this was a good test of writing/filming/editing in two days.

In this video Scott takes apart "Ghost House" by Sega, and figures out how to remove the obnoxious screen flashing effects by reverse engineering the Z80 code. This contains a full step-by-step explanation of how to use the MAME debugger for hacking ROMs, even if you don't …

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Let's Reverse: Adventures of Lomax graphics

Wed 25 September 2019

I guess I'm a YouTuber now. Wonder how long I can fight this newfound urge to tase a dead rat.

In this video Scott takes apart "Adventures of Lomax" by Psygnosis and reverse engineers the graphics data. This didn't require taking apart the code, and contains a step-by-step explanation of the black-box analysis process. A good introduction for anyone getting started in reversing games!

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Introducing Mr. Crowbar! Untold minutes of reverse engineering fun for ages 26-29!

Thu 22 October 2015

Mr. Crowbar logo

I believe that one of the best ways of allowing creativity to overcome limited technical skill is to build upon stuff that already exists. Take game modding; just try and count the number of successful games that started out as a modification of an existing one. Would these developers have gotten anywhere as far with their idea if they couldn't build on an existing engine and assets, not to mention community support? WOULD THEY?

Indeed, game modding is an important springboard for new developers to cut their teeth in a familiar setting and form a good understanding of how games work in the real world. There is, however, one rather large barrier of entry for people to start playing with the innards of their favourite game: tools. Occasionally the engine author will encourage custom content and give their developer tools out for free. But most of the time games are 100% not designed with modding in mind, leaving it up to a tiny number of skilled reverse engineers to write their own tools and share them with the community.

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