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Show Your Working: Turning off PulseAudio "flat volumes"

Sun 23 July 2017

PulseAudio volume control application with awful "flat volumes" behavior

Show Your Working is a brand new segment where I write up things I have attempted to fix in open source software. Sometimes it's interesting to debug a problem yourself from first principles, even if the codebase is huge and you don't know anything going in. I will try and explain my thought process as I venture out into the weeds armed only with a butter knife.

The software

PulseAudio is the software audio mixer for most desktop Linux distributions. Let's not mince words; PulseAudio has an awful reputation, mostly earned from the botched rollout by Ubuntu and other distributions back in 2008. Long-time Linux users remember these as the dark years where games were unplayable, and everything was punctuated by a loud crackling from the constant buffer underruns. The most egregious problems were caused by the aforementioned shonky buffering, plus a reliance on timing-related ALSA features which had never been used/tested properly for many sound drivers. It didn't help that barely any applications had direct support for the PulseAudio API; there were compatibility shims for ALSA/OSS applications, but they were a crapshoot at best.

But that was a decade ago! We've moved from version 0.9 to version 11.1, a metric ass-ton of effort has gone into making the mixer first rate, most Linux sound libraries are fully Pulse compatible, etc. etc. Surely everything is perfect now, right?

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