Mr. Crowbar

Googly-eyed crowbar ensconced in a toy wrapper

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Mr. Crowbar is a Django-esque model framework that makes it super easy to work with proprietary binary formats while reverse engineering.

File formats are described with Python classes that allow ORM-like free modification of structures and properties, which in turn can be validated and converted back to the binary equivalent at any time.

The eventual goal is to provide a library for storing file format information that retains the readability of a text file, while providing instant read/write support for almost no cost.

ELM327-based car joystick

The author playing his best ever game of OutRun

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I wrote up how to turn (almost) any car with a CAN bus and a OBD-II port into a game controller, using some Python and a really cheap car diagnostic adapter.

Show Your Working

Backtrace of the ct486 core in MAME


Show Your Working is a series of writeups for fixes to large-scale open source projects, with an emphasis on how to troubleshoot large bodies of code you've never seen before.

Works in progress

Unnamed Horrible Brand Twitter Simulator

Person using a form to respond to a customer complaining about finding a spider in their food

Almost ready for release, just needs some final assets and polish.

Unnamed Rotoscoped Parkour Game

Vector man dash vaulting a polygonal traffic bollard


On ice until I can rethink the project scope.

Effects Pedals

A couple of effects stompbox boards

I can't build enough of these! One day I'll explain further.